Microsoft Dynamics AX for Cane Beet

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Traditionally, the many unique procedures and challenges of the cane and beet processing industry take considerable time and effort to address. To accelerate and simplify these administration and management challenges, Systems Limited has developed the Cane Beet Management system (CBMS) – a comprehensive application that helps managers and personnel by avoiding duplication of effort, preventing mistakes, and ultimately saving cane and beet businesses’ time and money.

CBMS allows businesses to maintain detailed records of contractors, growers, banks, depots, payments, and many other important elements. By keeping track of links between these items, the application makes it quicker and easier to prepare documents and keep detailed business records. Automatic calculations makes it simple to produce tokens, indents, and permits, determine correct payment amounts and product weights, and manage and adjust loan agreements with growers and contractors.

Additionally, CBMS is designed to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics AX, the highly advanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform that is preferred by leaders in virtually every major industry worldwide. Systems Limited extends the power of CBMS into the field as well, in the form of a mobile app for Android smartphones. The app provides several tools for surveying crops, recording data at loading points, and more.

Comprehensive Database

  • Maintain a highly granular organization of cane growers and mills by geographical region, group, and type, including growers operating in multiple regions.
  • Maintain a detailed list of banks and branches.
  • Link contractors to depots to facilitate secure payments.
  • Link banks, branches, officers, and dynamic payment methods to multiple geographical areas, depots, loading points, and individual growers.
  • Automatically send SMS notifications to growers upon issuance of cane procurement receipt (CPR).
  • Record the distance between growers and mills for automatic rate calculations.
  • Auto-calculate contractor taxes and applies tax exemptions.

Recording Rates

  • Exercise complete control over the application of rates, from the provincial level down to individual villages, growers, depots, loading points, crop varieties, etc.
  • Apply TPT subsidy, variety subsidy, GD rate, and depot TPT rate at any level, with support for the advance application of rates, and the application of premium rates according to quality grade.
  • Record fixed, variable, or semi-variable rates for any contractors (loading, unloading, transport, etc.) and optionally link these rates to a specific mill, depot, or geographical region.
  • Record road cess, revenue stamps, and market committee fees at any level.

Deduction Mechanism

  • Automatically apply default Top & Trash to each CPR.
  • Set limits on application of Top & Trash.
  • Choose to display or omit Top & Trash and non-variety deductions on CPR.
  • Implement a complete non-variety deduction process.
  • Record and automatically apply Binding Weight.

Indents and Permits

  • Conveniently generate indents, including grower free indents.
  • Use procurement plans to auto-generate indents according to crushing capacity.
  • Generate indents at check-posts and loading points using a smartphone application.
  • Issue indents in bulk at the zone, circle, centre, and village levels.
  • Track the validity period for each indent.
  • Alerts are issued if users attempt to issue indents that exceed allowable grower capacity.

Token Generation

  • Securely generate tokens only against valid, system-generated indents, entered either manually or by barcode scanner.
  • Automatically include grower information, area details, and haulage details based on indent number.
  • Include variety selection and apply non-variety deduction on token form.
  • Generate work orders and record bilties along with contractor information.
  • Record all driver and vehicle information.
  • Generate depot tokens without grower information for vehicles delivering crops purchased at depots.
  • Auto-calculate travel time and receive alerts from depots and loading points for any late vehicles.

Gross and Tare Weight

  • Use weighbridge integration to automatically record gross and tare weight, or allow authorized personnel to make manual entries.
  • Auto-apply Top & Trash and binding weight.
  • Automatically record quality premiums based on lab tests and grades.
  • Automatically process loan deductions, revenue stamps, and road cess.
  • Manage unloading stamps, non-variety deductions, and burnt crops through smartphone app.
  • Record TPT either automatically or manually.
  • Print CPRs and TPT slips with a single click.
  • Generate growers’ TPT slips for transportation payable deducted from CPR amount.

TPT Payment

  • Implement secure and efficient Cash Office TPT payments using scannable growers’ TPT slips.
  • Maintain detailed TPT scroll for future reference.
  • Record cashier information, including till balance.

CPR Processing

  • Accurately record CPRs issued at depots.
  • Automatically apply rates and loan deductions.
  • Automatically process multi-parameter CPR payments.

Loan Management

  • Maintain a complete record of loan items, including fertilizers, seeds, diesel, etc.
  • Charge optional profit or interest on loan items.
  • Choose from an extensive list of optional loan deductions.
  • Keep track of loan recovery, either through CPR or manually.
  • Adjust loans with CPR, or set loan instalments.
  • Use optional features, such as prioritizing loans by type, or Stop Recovery.

Dynamics AX Integration

  • Integrate all CBMS processes with Microsoft Dynamics AX.
  • Automatically create and post journals in Dynamics AX using data from CBMS, or automatically create draft journals to be manually reviewed and posted.
  • Select the COA ledger accounts against each CBMS process or field in which an entry is to be posted.
  • Optionally, maintain a separate sequence of voucher numbers for transactions performed through integration.
  • Choose to include indirect expenses (e.g. road cess, market committee fees, unloading expenses, etc.) as part of item cost.
  • Vouchers created in Dynamics AX also appear against the corresponding transactions in CBMS.
  • CBMS simplifies transaction tracking by posting all entries and vouchers for each day as a single batch.

Survey Smartphone App

  • Take advantage of integration with smartphone features such as camera, GPS, and Google Maps.
  • Easily measure land with complex shapes and convert units of measurement with Survey Area Calculator.
  • Survey app includes grower’s passbook/CNIC, zones, circles, villages, cane varieties, and crop timings (September, February, and Ratoon).
  • Use the app to record growers’ Unloading, including Tipper and Tandem details.
  • Factor Top & Trash deduction into growers’ unloading, and integrate it with CBMS during Second Weight.
  • Save coordinates and pictures of vehicles at their standing check-posts with the e-Loading Point feature.
  • Includes a means of communication between control rooms and check-posts during e-Loading Point and Vehicle Verification activities.
  • Security features include MAC address verification and password protection.