Microsoft Dynamics AX for Steel Manufacturing

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The steel manufacturing industry is subject to high levels of competition in all global markets. Product quality and compliance with various guidelines are essential factors in the steel industry, and it is therefore necessary to have access to tools that are capable of tracking each part flawlessly and tracing its origin back to the raw material cast, together with analytical data, for quality assurance and, in case of nonconformity, identification of the critical factors and process phases involved.

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Steel is designed to give steel manufacturers unprecedented visibility into all facets of their business in a single ERP solution and streamlines the industry-specific processes involved – both for customer orders and in response to forecasts. It is a unified solution that implies detailed, up-to-date analytical data and real-time information in order to eliminate the causes of possible inefficiency.

Systems Limited’s world-class team of Microsoft Dynamics AX consultants allows Steel manufacturing businesses to take complete advantage of solution’s core capabilities around organizational functions such as Production, Planning, Finance, Logistics, Asset Maintenance and much more.

Our Microsoft Dynamics AX services can help you with:

  • Tracking raw materials’ batches all the way through finished goods
  • Maximizing throughput with efficient production scheduling
  • Cutting scrap and reducing waste throughout WIP inventory levels
  • Responding quickly to customers’ schedules and just-in-time orders
  • Covering all aspects related to steel products’ distribution