Microsoft Dynamics AX for Textile & Apparel

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Global competition, the increasing complexity of dispersed supply networks, and on-going mergers and acquisitions challenge Textile and Apparel manufacturers to satisfy demanding customers, bring products to markets faster and operate above the break-even point. Yet these companies often struggle with patchwork information systems that are unable to handle the required number of item variables, limiting flexibility and inhibiting visibility into operations. Microsoft Dynamics AX offers an end-to-end integrated Textile and Apparel manufacturing solution to enhance efficiency, accelerate productivity, and speed-up operations.

Our Microsoft Dynamics AX services can help you with:

  • Enabling the user to design multiple processes, qualities, sizes and colors by single screen product designer
  • Enhancing textile and apparel manufacturing mechanisms and planning control
  • Increasing traceability and tracking of inventory transactions on the basis of attributes, dimensions and categories
  • Controlling the utilization of your manufacturing resources for optimum performances
  • Increasing production efficiency by tracking and managing production
  • Optimizing the lead time with end-to-end integrated textile manufacturing solution