Microsoft SharePoint

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SharePoint is the place to share ideas, content and the vision of your company. It’s scalable enough to organize and manage all your information assets, but it’s also designed to organize and store documents to enable personal productivity, keep teams’ in sync, and projects on track. It’s where you go to discover experts, share knowledge and uncover connections to information and people. It’s a hub for developers to build and deploy modern applications and for designers to build eye-catching websites. It has been built to handle almost anything the employees of an organization can throw at it so IT professionals can spend more time managing information, delivering innovation and manage their time effectively.

Business Advantages

  • SharePoint’s new and simplified user experience enables organizations to simply drag and drop content into your online libraries, provides a collaborative environment for multiple users to work on the same document at a time and also keep track of previous versions of the documents.
  • The latest feature of SkyDrive Pro enables you to keep your documents in sync and access them wherever you go.
  • New search profile features help you connect with people across your organization and easily discover interests, past projects and documents they’ve worked on. SharePoint 2013 helps you find answers to questions and discover experts you never knew existed.
  • SharePoint 2013 makes teamwork easy. Set up a new team site in minutes with wizards built into SharePoint to help you set permissions, track meeting notes and bring together all your team’s email and documents in one place.
  • Keep your projects on track. SharePoint helps you organize your projects and tasks, giving you a view into upcoming deliverables across SharePoint, Outlook and Microsoft Project. SharePoint 2013 helps you prioritize and get stuff done.
  • Do more with SharePoint apps. The SharePoint store is an online marketplace to discover and install apps that’s designed to work with SharePoint. If you need a specific business solution to help you get even more out of SharePoint the store is just a click away.

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