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Systems Limited teams up with Servaid for pharma-retail acceleration

  • April 04, 2022

Systems Limited fortifies partnership with Servaid, implementing cutting-edge technology for retail-pharma business acceleration and supply chain reinforcement. The proposed solution aims to bring greater visibility into financial and eCommerce operations through Microsoft-powered intelligent platforms for Servaid‘s pharma-retail business.  

With more than 150 retail stores and franchises across the country, and 400+ employees, Servaid has been operating in the pharmaceuticals industry. Since 2016, it has embarked on a digital transformation journey, expanding its retail pharmacy network across all fronts countrywide, adding unmatched value for customers with its free home delivery service and a diverse range of healthcare and surgical products.  

Over the course of two years, Systems Limited with its team of dedicated business and technical professionals has been providing industry expertise in financial and supply chain management, retail operations, and eCommerce integration that has enabled Servaid to achieve comprehensive wins in the market.  

The pharma-retail landscape in Pakistan has been facing a number of challenges emerging from the traditional franchise business model. Industry entrants as well as existing players are not well-versed about digitization efforts that create a lack of warehouse management, inventory handling, and a real-time view of financial operations. Servaid, as part of its digital transformation initiative with Systems Limited aims to address these challenges, creating BI-related acumen, seamless customer data collection, and omnichannel experiences along the way.  

Addressing these concerns and positioning a solution in terms of digital transformation, technology innovation, and customer ROI, Systems Limited came up with a proactive approach to thoroughly assess Servaid’s business requirements in a full process walkthrough to identify improvements in retail operations, documenting and designing a data-driven model.  

As a result, Servaid has exponentially enhanced real-time visibility in cross-organizational collaboration with informed decision-making, made business transformation by redesigning processes without disrupting ongoing operations, and leverage a powerful, flexible, and intelligent cloud to scale the business globally with a sense of security. 

Systems Limited aims to deliver sustainable and meaningful solutions to strengthen this partnership and enable Servaid to deliver high-end omnichannel customer service with confidence.  

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