Rental Management solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Accurate and up-to-date information is indispensable for making effective business decisions. Maximize asset utilization and gain valuable operational and financial insights by implementing Systems’ Rental Management solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365, and watch your equipment rental business flourish.

Our Rental Management solution simplifies and accelerates business processes in all phases of the equipment rental cycle, including pre-sales, quotation and rental contract generation, invoicing, inventory management, and equipment service. Built specifically for Dynamics 365 according to Microsoft best practices, the solution presents a clean, consistent, and familiar interface that reduces the need for time-intensive retraining and speeds up user adoption.

By tightly integrating Rental Management with core Dynamics 365 modules, our solution enhances information sharing and grants all authorized users access to a single, consistent repository of information across all departments and geographical regions. Role-based access ensures that each user can only view and edit records that their specific organizational role requires. Using a single, unified rental management solution eliminates the use of separate and often incompatible software for different company departments or types of information. Granular details about customers, employees, and equipment can be combined quickly with high-level information on collections, vendor purchasing, materials consumption, and more, resulting in specific answers to emerging business-critical questions.

Pre-sales and Contracts

  • Capture the entire rental process (leads and prospects, contract generation, item reservation, invoicing)
  • Maintain detailed quotation revision history
  • Automate rental equipment rates and pricing
  • Bundle rental items with accessories, attachments, and consumables as one rental order
  • Track multiple rental agreements with a client as one project
  • Automate customer reminders for soon-to-expire quotations
  • Track lost sales by reason or competitor
  • Quickly perform sales pipeline analyses on leads, customer inquiries, opportunity conversion, etc.
  • Get reports, trends and sales targets for employees, branches, equipment brands/models, etc.

Invoicing and Collections

  • Automate invoice adjustments for advance payments (fixed amount or percentage of total)
  • Set different rates and contract terms for equipment owned by third parties
  • Pro-rate invoices at end of month, year, or contract, according to customer billing cycles
  • Automatically forward invoice requests to financial department for processing
  • Maintain customers’ current billing status and history of collections conversations
  • Get collections management reports on aging, outstanding and due invoices, etc.
  • Auto-generate payment request letters for overdue accounts

Asset Inventory and Delivery

  • Query stock status and rental availability across all branches and warehouses
  • Monitor recurring or long-term rental schedules
  • Easily reserve items immediately after signing rental agreements
  • Generate relocation in/out documents as items enter or exit company yard
  • Automatically create shipping/receiving documents and packing slips
  • Auto-forward item delivery instructions to personnel
  • Track service meter readings, fuel levels, hours used, etc. for each item and replacement part
  • Monitor inventory re-ordering levels for frequently used materials
  • Track condition of returned equipment, leftover consumables, unreturned items, etc.
  • Manage equipment costs such as expenses incurred, capitalization, depreciation, etc.
  • Maintain record of disposed equipment and scrap sales
  • Generate requests for quotations (RFQs), quotation comparisons, and purchase orders for equipment vendors

Financials, Operations, and Management

  • Assign user rights and privileges for each employee’s role and clearance level
  • Auto-send internal requests to appropriate users for approval
  • Set alerts and reminders for pre-sales follow-ups, invoicing, collections, vendor payments, etc.
  • Approve, reject, delegate, or request changes to purchase requests, purchase orders, etc.
  • Get detailed reports, forecasts and analyses of financial and operational details
  • Sort, filter, and view report details for regions, branches, sales teams, product types, client types, etc.

Service and Maintenance

  • Auto-generate service orders for service plans bundled with rental items
  • Track service order expenses
  • Create maintenance plans and schedules based on equipment meter readings and usage reports
  • Set alerts and notifications for scheduled equipment maintenance
  • Generate service orders for equipment malfunction or scheduled preventative maintenance
  • Maintain history of service orders, replacement parts, and technical reports for each rental unit