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Systems Limited & Dell Technologies host Elevate – A telco journey

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March 01, 2023

March 1, 2023 – Systems Limited, in collaboration with Dell Technologies and Mindware, organized Elevate, an in-person collaborative event featuring mid to senior-level executives and business veterans from the telecommunications sector. The in-person event, which took place at Serena Hotel, Islamabad, incorporated technical demonstrations and an interactive workshop that showcased System Limited’s industry expertise, and the promising growth potential of the
telco industry.

Sarah Irfan from Digital Marketing kicked off the proceedings by highlighting the event keynotes including cloud hybrid infrastructure and intelligent enterprise capabilities offered by Dell & Red Hat’s OpenShift platform, followed by an introduction of the telco changemakers who were to present at Elevate. Starting off with the keynote speaker, Muhammad Ilyas – Head of Digital Infrastructure at Systems Limited gave a quick run-through of Systems Limited, its achievements as a global company, and our strategic partnerships across the globe considering digital transformation

Next up, Ammar Rasheed – Principal Consultant at Systems Limited, continued the discourse by elaborating on the need for digital infrastructure and hybrid cloud in today’s fast-changing world of digital competitors. He emphasized how a cloud-native approach can help businesses create a truly digital platform that can assist them in achieving modernization and accelerating their business transformation goals.

Faez Itrat – Senior Solutions Architect for Telco at Red Hat Inc., presented a synopsis of how Red Hat has been innovating using open source for 25+ years. He also provided a detailed demonstration of network telco cloud evolution to cloud-native and the role 5G plays in this transformation, concluding with why OpenShift Virtualization is a gamechanger for the industry, Moving ahead with the event, Ali Raza – Senior Solutions Architect at Dell Technologies,
enlightened the audience with a deep dive into redefining the telco cloud narrative. Ali explained how the paradigm shift in telco technology has brought a disruption in the market, and how Dell’s Telecom Muti-Cloud Foundation can serve as a practical and robust solution for a cloud-native telco infrastructure for businesses.

Proceeding forward with the telco journey, Afreen Siddiqui – Principal Consultant Design Strategy at Systems Limited brought a fresh perspective to the event with Mind Meld – an immersive workshop where the audience engaged in fostering a deeper connection with their soul, mind, and body, followed by a thought-provoking group activity among the guests, brainstorming prevalent telco challenges and coming up with potential solutions.

Moreover, Bilal Nazir – VP of Cloud App Development at Systems Limited, shed light on smart telecom services and business applications that are taking the world by storm with Data Analytics, Cloud Transformation, Blockchain, Web 3.0, and Metaverse.Elevate concluded with an interactive networking session where technology professionals
addressed individual business concerns and queries.

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