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SOA Governance Engineer

Job Description: 

Systems Limited is looking for a SOA Governance Engineer to be based in KSA at a clients.

This role is responsible for analyzing, designing and modeling the SOA governance lifecycle models and process models and being involved in all the significant decisions regarding SOA development environment structure, behavior and its realization, interfaces, constraints and trade-offs.

Essentials Skills: 
Robust experience in developing process models using Software and Systems Process Engineering Metamodel (SPEM) and Eclispe Process Framework (EPF) or Rational Method Composer (RMC).
Familiarity with SOA lifecycle management and workflows
Familiarity with global SOA development standards like TOGAF SOA and IEEE
Wide knowledgeable on SOA process documentation and improvement
Good understanding of SOA quality management and testing methodologies
Wide knowledge of SOA process engineering and process improvement efforts
Familiarity with SOA Development Lifecycle and methodologies
Ability to interact with a diverse engineering group
Ability to manage projects with significant resource and schedule constraints
Excellent statistical analysis and process control skills
Academic Qualification(s): 
Minimum Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science